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  • 1

    Moving Box

    MovingBox is one of its kind in Malaysia. It uses the latest technology on taxi advertising. MovingBox uses a reflective clear sticker which gives taxi ads optimal visibility at night especially.

  • 2

    Light Box

    Now imagine a billboard ad that's double-sided, and that's constantly at eye level, constantly on the move, constantly the centre of interaction, and a major focus of the business and tourism worlds.

  • 3

    Roof Top Die Cut

    iCab Rooftop advertising is the medium that's set to revolutionize the Out of Home (OOH) advertising spectrum. Client will have the freedom of using any form of object in 2D on taxi roof top.

  • 4

    Body Wrap

    Every inch of bodywork is customised with dramatic and eye-catching visual to create head-turners effects. You may only need a small taxi advertising campaign for tactical based advertising, by targeting high-profile fleet to drive your message every corner of the area.

  • 5

    Super Side

    Superside offer stand out media and good impact at low cost entry. This combination are ideal for medium term campaign and can be use in large numbers for campaigns that require high eye-ball and frequency.

  • 6

    Boot Lid

    iCab Boot Lid is a platform which fit at the back of a Taxi, mainly Proton Iswara's model. Why? Simply because this particular model have nice platform to cater for advertisements unlike other models.


  • Mass Media

    Reach large volumes of different audiences.

  • Mobile

    Portable advertising that deliver cohesively by moving with people. It always reaches different group of people.

  • Affordable

    Cost effective and within financial means.

  • Flexible

    Great value, great exposure and easily adaptable to your needs. Completely customizable.

  • Effective

    High visibility, instant , dynamic, instant recognition and max impact.

  • Engaging

    Advertisements are constantly at eye level hence creating interactive campaigns.

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